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Stanley Park Vancouver BC Snow Bridges Found Beauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Stanley Park Snow Bridges
Snowflakes are much like people;
quite separate from one another and individually quite small, however . . .
together, they can change the face of our world.

Feather, Beach, Sand, Found Beauty InPix Photography Vancouver

The Feather :
 “Together We Owned the Winds, Alone . . . I am It’s Slave”

Swans, Cygnets, Surreal Beauty, Found Beauty InPix Photography Vancouver

There’s a Family of Swans that Lives at the Bottom of the World
Almere, The Netherlands

Sunflowers, Netherlands, Almere, Flevoland, Field of Sunflowers InPix Photography Vancouver

Sunflowers #1   - Almere, The Netherlands
This newly created city in the Netherlands has boulevards strewn with flowers, while on a bike ride, I shot these . . . I was in the midst of a great field of joy

Vancouver, Jericho Beach, Life Boat, English Bay, Downtown,  Life Guard InPix Photography Vancouver

Jericho Beach Life Guard Boat
Vancouver, BC, Winter Olympic City, yields to summer pleasures. English Bay has numerous beaches and Jericho is known as ‘The Sunset Beach’.

FoundBeauty Seagull Angel InPix Photography Vancouver

Angelic Seagull
Moments are the stuff of life ...  this is the closest yet I have come to capturing an angel with my camera. This image is the logo inspiration for InPix Films.

FoundBeauty Swans Cygnets InPix Photography Vancouver

Self-Assured Cygnet
2 days old and brimming with confidence, this Cygnet stands out from his siblings. He seemed aloof to the peeping neediness of the clutch . . . 
his mother seems to agree; this one is worthy of Leda or even to be Zeus himself.

Flower Wasp White Black FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Milk and Honey
Stinging with purpose to reap the creamy nectar; such are natures contrasts. Therein lies the message and the rule: sow and reap, black and white, yin and yang . . . celebrate purpose and contrast to enjoy life’s generous bounty.

Worms Eye View and Muse Found Beauty Snow Moss InPix Photography Vancouver

The Wise Worm Muse
Would I but rise from the earth, surmount the moss, survive the snows, to risk my life for limb . . . all to attain lofty heights? Nay, a thousand times no!
Let the early bird come to find me here, not there; for I realize my best by knowing my strengths, not by foolishly chasing lifestyles of others!

Golden Grass Red Leaf Fallen Star FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

A Fallen Star
Into a field of golden rays fell a star and so became: Found Beauty.

Fern Fronds Wall Art FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Fronds of Ferns
Near the backyard fence, close to the ally, in the shade . . . ahhh, Found Beauty

Vancouver False Creek Wet Berries Water Magnifier FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Vancouver in the Misty Rain
I found beauty on this gray day, only by looking closely enough . . .
Often, beauty is found through action and purpose; worthwhile effort indeed!

Goden Furious Sunset Vancouver FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Furious Vancouver
“Keeping still in the midst of fury, our buildings become beloved homes”

Rijks Museum Amsterdam Holland FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Shadow and Light, Right?     :      RijksMuseum, Amsterdam, NL

Amsterdam Church night Fog Shrouds FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Shrouds of a fictional night . . . Amsterdam, NL

Science World Moon Night Vancouver False Creek Found Beauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Science World, False Creek, Vancouver, BC and Our Moon

Science World Vancouver Moon FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

It’s all Just the Way it’s supposed to be . . .
Cresent moon over Science World

Dandelion Dreams Fuzzballs FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Dandelion Dreamscape . . . “My Youth, so out of focus to me now”.

Amsterdam canals reflection past present FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

“Reflections of Past and Present “
Amsterdam, a haven for Found Beauty.

Vancouver BC alley scene FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver Alley Scene

Amsterdam alley scene FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Downtown Amsterdam Alley Scene

Schevieningen seaside art shore FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Shore Art       :       Scheveningen, NL

Netherlands storm passed wet street FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Storm . . . Passed

Rocky Mountains Thompson highway rearview mirror FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

The Canadian Rockies, Thompson Highway, Parks Canada
Beautiful to Drive . . .and to be a Passenger

Rijks Museum Amsterdam Reflection FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
It was a cold and stormy night, nary a soul in the regular spots, an eerie vacantness for a place regularly so full of life . . .
it felt like paintings hung on lonely walls in great rooms somewhere.

Light House Netherlands Anchor Flag FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Queens Day, North Holland 2008

Pampas Grass Maple tree reaching sky FoundBeauty InPix Photography Vancouver

Keep Reaching; The Sky’s Not a Limit

Feather Lost Lagoon Vancouver Stanley Park FoundBeauty

Left, not Lost
Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC Olypic City 2010

Found Beauty

If we imagine what it would be like to be in a constant state of happiness, most of us would envision it as ‘enjoying every moment to its fullest’. Now, if we think about ‘enjoying each moment to its fullest’, even the happiest people do many of the things which the ‘ordinary’ people do each and every day. Remember, ‘ordinary’ or otherwise, we are more similar with each other than not.


Much of our daily regimen would not change, even if we won the financial and emotional lotteries. We’d still be getting up, eating, and so on. By simple logic then, we can see that much of the time we would have the same opportunity to be as happy as the people we imagine to be happy all the time.


We know that many people who are much better off than the ‘ordinaries’ in financial terms are not happy campers at all! What does it take to be one of those individuals who can transgress the ‘ordinary’ life into one of continuous joy? If it’s not money, if it’s not circumstances, what is it? Even good health is not enough to keep some people in a constant state of joy, is it?


Well, aside from the awareness of giving oneself the greatest opportunity to learn, to be healthy, grateful and sociable, it takes an inner appreciation of life and the world around us. I call this Found Beauty.


Found Beauty is something given to me by Mom. Back then, I was eleven years old and I thought it was a dreary rainy afternoon; shivery, cold, wet and dim. I bemoaned these thoughts and she came back her typical smile and happily said, “No, that’s your thoughts about it; the trees and plants like it, the birds and animals like it, the people that ski like it!”


I began validating my displeasure with the day though she continued, “Come here, by the window … look at the branch, what do you see?” Well, that was easy. I told her I saw a droopy, wet branch with a grey sky behind it. She said, “Look at the end of the branch, right where the water droplet has formed. If you move this way then that you can see it glisten. If you look even closer you can see the front yard upside down in miniature. The droplet is brighter than it really is outside”. Now, I wanted to go outside to look even closer. I put on my jacket and boots and eagerly marched out the door to investigate. When I came back in, I evolved; my lousy day had just turned into a memorable day just by looking closer, it changed my perspective, I was looking for the good… ah, found beauty.


I’ve lived many years with this awareness Mom gave me. Often, when unhappiness wants to overtake my mood I think, “Where’s the good? What is joyful about this?” By simply asking myself those questions my mind addresses the query and begins to look for the good. Our subconscious pays attention to what we think about and acts on those thoughts, with purpose.


It’s been decades since my early lesson in finding beauty and now I must admit that even I am still amazed sometimes at how the question ‘where is the good?’ always seems to have a good answer, we simply have to look close enough … just like the water droplet. Someone once asked me, “OK, where’s the good in your mother passing away?” I thought for less than a heart beat and remembered the times she would say to me “It’s not how long you live; it’s more about how you enjoy each and every moment.” Obviously, the good was that indeed she did live, and loved living. She lived gloriously. I then remembered so many happy times, the joys of family life … before I knew it I was beaming and bingo! … Found Beauty.


Today, I photograph Found Beauty. Through the lens I have allowed myself to find and see things. I realize wonderment often finding beauty in the world around me. Others see an ugly rusted wheel rim; I find the colorful dandelions growing through the middle, weed and wheel composing their own beauty. Others see spilt oil on the ground; I see a brilliant, detailed reflection of the sky within the black spill. If we choose to clean up the spill, we can find beauty in the result. Finding Beauty just doesn’t have to stop, ever.


Found Beauty works with any and all situations. If you can’t afford to go inside the Art Museum, find the beauty in the building itself. You see, you must be the willing one.


The best thing is this: Found Beauty is therapeutic for every level of the human experience. The more beauty you look for, the more you’ll find. Beauty can be found in any or all situations, things or thoughts. It is a Right of Life; heck, it’s even tax free! 


Found Beauty reduces stress. A mind that looks for Found Beauty will be in a state of gratefulness more often and will tend to drift toward pleasant thoughts when idle. With a relaxed mind our health is demonstrably better, we sleep sounder and we enjoy life more … isn’t that what we want?


A pessimistic mind tends to look for reasons why it can’t; it will find problems. When that mind is idle, it finds problems - automatically, trained habit. The owners of these minds often say, “I can’t help it, these thoughts just come”. Don’t you believe it! It’s about what you condition yourself to find in life’s situations. A gold miner does not find gold because he is a gold miner; it is because he is actively pursuing gold, using all his knowledge to maximize the chances of finding the gold.


So too is it with your life. Will you have the ‘Golden Years’? Will you become one of the ‘lucky’ ones? Don’t wait to win a lottery; Found Beauty is there for everybody, just like the gold has been there for everybody. The difference is the ones that find gold are the ones that were looking for it. Become aware of the power of your thoughts. Live the gift of Found Beauty. It’s everywhere, in abundance.


Thanks Mom! Shine On.


Jos Van Poederooyen


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