Found Beauty: Photography and Videos by Jos van Poederooyen

Stormy Sky Trout Lake Vancouver Clouds Tempest Rowboat Peaceful Reflection Serene Placid Water False Creek Vancouver Wall Centre Tall Buildings Vancouver Clouds Swans Cygnets Sky Swans Almere Netherlands Canal Clouds Water TulipFields Wind Turbine Wind Mill Holland Netherlands Fleveoland Almere

Vancouver BC Photographer & Writer, Jos van Poederooyen, is most well known for his ‘Views and Muse’ and Reflections . . .  images combined with reflective prose to infuse visual appreciation with muse to help reach an inner awareness in an ‘eyes open’ meditative state.

 Jos has had his Reflections published regularly in the Vancouver Sun Newspaper, his images and muse have been showcased in Vancouver Life Magazine, published in Canadian national magazines, books of poetry and his images and writings are published and quoted in numerous web sites, blogs and hardcover books.

InPix Photography, the working name for Jos’s photography business, creates head shots, family portraits, house and garden studies, estate and grounds portfolios and ‘Big Boy Toys’ studies (cars, bikes, boats and planes). All images can be printed or set to DVD videos. Have your wedding put to video; even if it took place 50 years ago! Ideal as a legacy, as a gift to family and relatives, to celebrate anniversaries and milestone birthdays

Family Heritage Movies: Get out the old family photo albums and put them into a video. The result is amazing and, the family history won’t become lost. If only I had taped my mother all those times she shared the stories of our family and our history; I’d love to share all those stories with my grandchildren now, but she isn’t here to share. A video makes her stories timeless. Heritage is one of the best ways to build family pride; Royalty does it, why shouldn’t we? A DVD playing of someone’s life in pictures is a sure way of making them feel proud during that milestone birthday or anniversary.

Commercial photography: architecture, interior design, home and garden, weddings, posters, billboards, business logo’s and image tools. Various audio visual tools are available to create DVD movie presentations for your family, clubs, business and event requirements.   

InPix Photography Rate Sheets: A complete breakdown of all our services. Please click HERE

 For more information or specialty projects: Contact Us, put our creativity to work for you!  Info@FoundBeauty.ca

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